Data Disputes Mediation and Arbitration Center

  This is a Mediation and Arbitration Center managed by the Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India , a Section 8 company (

This Center specializes in the resolution of Disputes related to Data Protection Laws.

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Draft Rules for Mediation

PS: DDMAC is a platform created by FDPPI as a specialized center for resolving data protection related disputes. FDPPI encourages experts in Data Protection Law to enrol as accredited Mediators and Arbitrators on this platform. The registered experts of mediation/arbitration (Neutrals)  either individually or as a panel may provide their services under their own set of rules.  DDMAC however intends to provide a model set of rules which can be adopted by the registered neutrals.

Below is a set of such Model rules for Mediation.

The disputants shall chose their accepted neutrals from out of the list of registered neutrals provided by DDMAC or bring in their own neutrals. Each of such neutrals shall accept the terms of DDMAC before proceeding with the conduct of the resolution. At that time they will either adopt the model rules given here or provide their own set of rules which will be applicable for the subject resolution.

The disputants shall also agree to the terms of the service in general which includes their acceptance to the rules of resolution as indicated by the selected panel of neutrals.

(Model set of rules Will be posted shortly)