Data Disputes Mediation and Arbitration Center

  This is a Mediation and Arbitration Center managed by the Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India , a Section 8 company (

This Center specializes in the resolution of Disputes related to Data Protection Laws.

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FDPPI is a not for profit company dedicated to the cause of Data Protection in India. It is engaged in creating Data Protection professionals through Certification programs and also assisting the implementation of Data Protection Compliance programs through PDPSI, a unified framework for implementation of multiple Data Protection regulations in a company.

Additionally FDPPI is setting up the Data Disputes Mediation and Arbitration Center (DDMAC) as a specialized center for resolving the disputes in the data protection area that may arise between a Data Subject and a Data Fiduciary as well as one Data Fiduciary(Data Controller) with another Joint Data Fiduciary or a Data Processor.

With this FDPPI will be providing an End to End service to the Data Protection Community.

More information about FDPPI iw available at